Najiyyah Brooks Ministries is a non-denominational Para-church organization designed for outreach, discipleship and evangelism. 


Our ministry started in the living room of its founder Rev. Najiyyah Brooks ten years ago with a local Bible Study for women. In this intimate setting Rev. Najiyyah learned that women had many needs…spiritual, emotional, and practical that were not being addressed within their local churches.


Rev. Najiyyah has a heart for the needs of women becoming whole in Jesus Christ. Women are vital to the home, the church and society at large and when we are broken, many lives are impacted negatively. Najiyyah Brooks Ministries focuses on bridging the gap with the church for the areas that seem to go

un-served or underserved by the church and the community. 

We focus on bringing women to a place of wholeness by sound Bible Teaching, Practical Information from health and finances to fashion and wellness. 


Other needs that our Ministry is committed to addressing include marriage and relationship ministry, financial education, wellness education,  youth sessions, and other social needs as the seasons arise.


Rev. Najiyyah Brooks is a gifted preacher and teacher of the Word of God. She makes studying the Bible welcoming, engaging and the principles of walking it out of vital importance.  Discipleship and Evangelism is her life’s passion and God uses her mightily to make the Word of God relevant for practicality without watering down the message. Both men and women faithfully tune in or attend her Bible Studies via meetings and virtually.




'Centering Moments' with Najiyyah Brooks 

Rev. Najiyyah Brooks


Najiyyah Brooks Ministries benefits from the business and marketing acumen of Rev. Najiyyah Brooks as well.  By virtue of her gifts, years of professional experience and alliances built within the media community, we are able to teach marketing principles by way of our signature program Marketing the Mission and help churches, ministries and small organizations take their messages to the masses under a donation business model. Our Ministry produces quality Christian television, videos and online and print publications all for the purpose of fulfilling The Great Commission.


Our commitment to the church and the community it serves can be seen in our daily efforts. The Lord has allowed us to operate in various seasonal venues in Essex County New Jersey. We are commissioned to the take the ministry and message of Christ Jesus to the community in very real, tangible and consistent ways.