Agape Stops...REAL LOVE stops to take notice...REAL LOVE stops again to serve

A National Outreach Ministry Initiative for the Kingdom Minded


Agape Stops...God's Unconditional Love, His Unfailing Love, His Endless Love is CONCERNED about the needs of HIS PEOPLE.  Our Father is not just concerned with needs being IDENTIFIED, but He is expecting HIS CHILDREN to MEET the needs of the least and left out.


Agape Stops has a dual meaning:  It means LOVE is concerned enough to STOP, listen, see, and identify the need...THEN LOVE goes back with resources to FILL the need!


If you are interested in joining forces with other KINGDOM MINDED Christians, and people with a heart to serve to gather resources and BE a resource of GOD'S LOVE and STRENGTH to people who have needs, please contact us today for more information.  ANYONE with a heart to serve may use the AGAPE STOPS initiative to provide OUTREACH ministry service to your local community.

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